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"The Triumph can't be had without the struggle" 

-Wilma Rudolph


The objective of Triumph Mentoring is to provide and promote educational opportunities to individuals in Ector County and surrounding areas. Individuals enrolled in 9th-12th grade will be paired with a college-student mentor, who has come from the Odessa-Midland School Districts. Moreover, Triumph Mentoring plans on providing SAT/ACT resources, volunteering opportunities, local job internships and tours, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and academic advice. This aid is geared to help students become exposed to job opportunities, community service, and academic benefits that will ultimately allow for the success of all students.



Our names are Brandon and Ryan Dominguez. We are two brothers that decided to begin this mentorship program to aid upcoming students in their journey to college. Being born and raised in Odessa, Texas, we understand that applying for college may be more difficult for some students in comparison to their peers. We are set to eliminate this problem and show these students that they are just as able to complete high school at the top of their class as well as score high on their standardized tests to be able to achieve their academic dreams. We both currently attend the University of Texas at Austin and are both on the pre-medical track with a major in Neuroscience. Our hope is to provide an opportunity for high school students and give them an insight on what classes are like in college, what college boards look for, and many more things.

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